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A Korean female called Shelly Hwang is a USC graduate who ran two not successful franchises before opening Pinkberry. Due to uncooperative neighbors and the rejection of their liquor license, Hwang and Lee quit on the teahouse and decided instead to convert the area to a frozen yogurt store. Pinkberry opens in January 2005 and just offered $70 their very first month, but within four months they were turning a profit . Their very first major break can be found in August 2005 when they were discussed by Daily Candy. They later on received a $27.5 million investment from an endeavor capital company established by Starbucks’ Howard Schultz which turned their futures around. So take a look at Yolanda Santosa right now. If you’re finding for Yolanda Santosa, you have actually land on the awesome lading page.
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Credit: Fast Company

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